Blizzard Bag

Environmental Science Blizzard Bag Assignment

For this assignment you will be finding an article dealing with whatever our current unit topic happens to be.  These articles can be on any topic related issue such as, a pollution incident, a resource access conflict, health related connection, environmental connections, etc… You can get these articles from newspapers, magazines, radio transcripts, internet sites, etc…


  • Students will find one article.
  • Print, photocopy or email a copy of the article to their teacher.
  • You will read the article and use what you learn to fill in the “Article Form” I have provided a link to.
  • You will submit your article and your finished Article Review Form to your teacher.


  • 20 points for each article
    • 5 points for the copy of the article.
    • 15 points for the filled in review table

Due Date
        You will have two days to complete and email this assignment to your teacher. If you do not have access to the internet then a paper copy of this assignment and form will be available in the classroom as well as a folder with articles that relate to the various topics that are covered in Environmental Science for you to choose from.

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